Lounge Photos

Many years ago, young college student Meg met and fell in love her her Canon AV1. She spent about $150.00 for that camera and took it everywhere! She loved her lenses, her filters and playing in the darkroom.

Then came the age of the point and shoot digital camera. She switched over to those and sort of lost her interest in photography and things became boring. Point. click. yawn.

Along came this blog, and a renewed interest in photography. Meg now sports a Nikon D90 SLR, and she has been taking classes and enjoying her old hobby once again.

Her camera came with a nicely complete package and a 50-200mm, but Meg has since additionally purchased one of these:

The Nikon 50mm is the perfect lens for portrait photography. You will fall on love with the crisp, clear resolution you get with this little baby.

And she also purchased one of these:

This Black Rapid camera strap is a girl photographers dream. Curved to fit a woman’s body, and it settles your camera nicely on your hip and not around your neck, making it an ergonomic delight. You can gets yours right here!

Last year, she participated in a project called MCP Project 52. I was lucky enough to be a featured photo for that week’s theme, called “Open Your Heart”.

3 thoughts on “Lounge Photos

  1. OMG….i was writing and took a break to peruse blogs and hopped on yours. somehow found my way to the photos of your painted furniture and OMG AGAIN, that’s the kind of stuff I USED TO DO (before kids…..). My fav – commode #16.

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