About the Lounge

The Member’s Lounge is Meg, a hip suburban Boston blogger. Well, she used to be. Now she lives outside of Dallas and is finding her way in the Lone Star State. The move is providing a lot of blog fodder and where else in the world would she be attending a cultural event that starred a guy named Mudflap?

On any given day, Meg will tell you exactly what she thinks about Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashian sisters and Fox News. None of it can be any good, rest assured. You will also find amusing takes on Facebook, Twitter and the other social technology that I don’t understand can get us into trouble.

Meg writes a regular feature at the end of each week called “I Can’t Help Myself Friday”, where she will compile the most ridiculous tidbits of current news that strike her fancy, and weave them into something funny and so hilarious, you will wonder why Meg doesn’t have a job on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

She and her husband used live in a cute Arts and Crafts bungalow and now they have a big ass house in the suburbs, because it’s the only way they make them here in Texas. Everything is big, people!

And, like Lucy Van Pelt the psychiatrist is ALWAYS in (and no kidding, Meg was a psychology major!), so feel free drop her an email about anything at meg at designsbymeg dot com!

5 thoughts on “About the Lounge

  1. If only it were fa-true. Try getting therapy for 5 cents.

    (People: When you sit on Meg’s couch she only charges 5 cents for the session. The small print on the invoice also says and a bottle of Stag’s Leap 2010 CASK 23 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. That would be $225 a bottle.)

  2. Meg, I’ve been snooping around your blog and discovered your love the Peabody Essex Museum. I LOVE that place. My husband and I have been there several times. We discovered it on our first trip to New England . It is a great place to visit.

  3. Meg: it was so fun to meet you tonight (and that man sitting next to you who I assume is your husband!) I am glad that you enjoyed your drink at the Horseshoe and hope that I get to see you both again so I can share some more of my “mixology” with you! From one “Member” to another…see you soon! Paula at the “Shoe”/North Reading

  4. Hey – I just wanted to respond to your condolences (sp?) about Mrs. Brown. Yeah, we had her for 13 years, she just passed in May. So, so painful. Thanks for noticing her pic.


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