Where I’m Arrested for Blog Abandonment!

Meg has NOT abandoned her blog, as much as it looks like it lately!

For the past month she has spent time in New Hampshire, Boston, New York City, and gathering 60 gifts for teenagers at a local orphanage in Texas. Whew!

She is popping in to wish her beloved peeps Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and that she will be back with more Lone Star tales, in 2014! Remind her to write about about how a volunteering for a charity became a Lindsay Lohan movie, say something along the line of ‘Mean Girls”.

Meg knows you’ll want to hear about that little drama, and she’ll be MORE than happy to fill you in on that escapade.

In the meantime, Meg leaves you with a little photo of the couple posing near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, which was decidedly a great experience!

Be well and Merry Christmas!