Check It Out!

by meg on November 18, 2013

A recent study showed that women often checked out other women. Not the way men check out women, though.

This more of a “fashion” checkout.

And I’m sure we all receive compliments a bit better than these ladies, right?

How many of you were felt more complimented when another woman said one of the following things to you:

“You really look nice, where did you get that outfit?”

“Those shoes are SOOO stylish!”

“I love your hair, where do you get it done?”

Yes, Meg can see you all raising you hands! Yes, yes, yes!

It’s not like guys really know fashion, right? I mean sure, there are the a few that know a thing or two, and they are mostly gay waiter’s, which to Meg is the one of the highest compliments on the planet!

Meg could get up with bedhead, be sans makeup, and her husband would not even notice. In fact, he would totally ask her if she were ready to go out. HELLO honey, do you see a hint of eyeliner framing my eye or lip gloss glistening on my lips? Do you expect me to leave the house like this, unless I’m walking Jack?

Meg does not hesitate to ask people where they get their outfits. She likes nothing better than an unusual coat, a interesting scarf, or a fabulous pair of boots. Oh, and let’s not forget a great purse, which P.S. was a recent birthday gift:

FYI, purple is the new black, ladies.

This is not to say Meg has not had her fashion tragedies. In perusing an old photo album, Meg came upon this photo, which she is graciously sharing:

Did you know Meg was once so tall she towered over an entire mountain town?

Meg wishes someone told her about perms (well, for that matter an entire generation of 80′s women) and should someone not have banned the Flashdance like attire? Curse you Jennifer Beals, for even introducing that look!

Luckily, as Meg has matured, she has avoided many pitfalls on the fashion highway. She avoids things that are too trendy, does not wear anything metallic, and always finds a good tailor to adjust hems and take a tuck here and there.

And Meg can guarantee you one hundred percent, you won’t catch her looking like a Glamour fashion don’t ever again:

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Twisted Susan November 18, 2013 at 8:21 pm

Amy Schumer is the new Margaret Mead.
Twisted Susan´s last blog post ..Susan Doesn’t HATE Anything Today

Cupcake Murphy November 18, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Perms nearly took me down.
Cupcake Murphy´s last blog post ..What I Tell Myself

Michele aka midlyfemama December 11, 2013 at 9:49 am

Catching up with blog reading. Ah perms. I rocked an awesome fro in 1979 and then a fabulous spiral perm in the mid 80′s. And while on my recent trip to see my parents I found a stunning lavender Coach tote at a consignment store for $50. Why yes, that did come home with me. That bag you have is outstanding.

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