Potpourri for $400

When Meg is at a loss for words, she pulls her handy Jeopardy trick out of her hat and just writes about potpourri. The stakes aren’t very high, it gets her back on track, and she gets to share a few interesting tidbits.


The week before last week Meg injured herself vacuuming. Actually, let’s make that carrying a vacuum. While attempting to bring it down a flight of stairs, she slipped, SMASHED her tailbone into oblivion, and then Meg and the vacuum took a ride down a flight of stairs. As she and Wile E. Coyote sat there with cartoon stars and bluebirds flying over their heads, she gently checked for broken bones, and thankfully none were sticking out. She has improved each and every day since her Looney Tunes pratfall, and is glad she wasn’t being waked for a funeral in Texas.


Meg is two months out from a big wedding and started her dress torture shopping. It usually goes a little something like this:

During Meg’s recent move, she had the opportunity to throw out some old dresses that STILL FIT AFTER 10 YEARS. She’d love to know why those dresses were a much smaller size than the ones she can find now. In any case, she went to Nordstrom’s and just had the salesperson gather every single dress on the floor, whereupon she donned some Spanx and went for it. Zip, toss, zip, toss and before you knew it, she had TWO dresses, because it’s just kind of cool to have a little something extra in the closet. Triple points week, too!


I might need one of these for the fall cocktail season. Just sayin’.


The fall television season is about to commence, which must mean it’s less than 100 days to the premier of Downton Abbey. In the meantime ABC offers us this:

It makes me sad to see Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden part of this cast. She should be the Trophy Wife.


That’s it kids, it looks like we are all Potpourri winners this morning!

Of Course It’s Bigger in Texas.

Eventually, Meg had to come down off of her clam and lobster high from her recent trip to New England. Not to worry, she is maintaining her positive attitude and planning events and exploring her Lone Star surroundings. Next month she has a trip to Austin planned with her hubby to hang with some of his old high school friends; she imagines that “Austin is Weird” is a motto she will enjoy immensely.

In the meantime, she is in the dome seeking culture and refinement. Last weekend the family attended the symphony in Fort Worth. It was Gershwin night and oh hey, if you subscribe to one show a month you get a AWESOME MEZZANINE SEAT for $18 bucks. Seriously, it’s free parking, discounted drinks and food, and WHY THE HELL NOT?

This weekend we have the Grapefest, in which all things wine are celebrated. And yes, it’s why we call this blog a lounge, because Meg loves herself some wine.

But the main event of the month is going to be the Homecoming parade and assorted festivities, celebrating all things DRAGON.

Dragon you ask? No, not Puff the Magic Dragon. This kind of Dragon:

You know how badly I want to redesign this logo, right?

This is the official logo of every sports team in town. From pre-k through high school, you are a Dragon. You drink the Kool-Aid, actual Dragon blood runs through your veins, and you have a whole section of your wardrobe that screams kelly green. (Personally, I always called that section the St. Patrick’s day attire, but I guess that’s changed now.)

Anyway, along with sporting green and dragon breath logos, the other big tradition is the wearing of the corsage, made of mums. For the last few months Meg has been seeing fancy fake mums, light up LED mums, and yards of specialized ribbon with school logos.

But what she didn’t know, was that the corsages and boutonnieres look like this:

And how about this?

And although these corsages are displayed on a door, this is how they are really worn:

And lest we not forget, the boys also must sport a spray of mums, too:

It’s clear Flavor Flav was a design inspiration for young Texans.

And if you haven’t had enough of the photos Meg posted, head over to Jezebel for a entire photo essay on this Texas tradition.

Back in the day, Meg remembers building a float with her classmates for a football pep rally, and buying carnations on Black and Orange day. She cheered her team; the mighty, mighty Tigers. But never in her wildest dreams does she remember anything on this level.

This is why Meg plans to attend the homecoming parade, just so she can experience the spectacle for herself. Stay tuned, she is sure to give you a photo essay at the end of September you will not forget.

Back To The Place I Live

Meg has landed back to the place where her husband got transferred to! Yes, please do note she did not said home, because she is so into this gig being a short term one that she cannot envision this perfect little suburban dome* being her permanent residence. Anyway, the family had a lovely time back in their native land, and it all started like this:

*(note Stephen King reference to “Under the Dome“)

Meg sat on the roof deck of Legal Seafoods and cleverly took a photo of herself and her husband! They enjoyed cocktails and oysters and alternately took gulps of salt air and drinks, and reveled in being by the ocean!

Soon she was reunited with her sister, Ain’t Miss Beehavin’ and another glamourous young girl, Miss Katie!

Miss Katie is marrying Meg’s nephew this coming fall, and Meg and her sister are contemplating taking a CPR class beforehand, because they know someone will need their assistance at the nuptials. Which is to say what a blast this wedding will be, and if there was ever a girl you wanted to be your daughter in law, she’s your number one gal.

The couples took a water taxi over to the North End of Boston, and hit the Improv Asylum for some laughs. Not to let the evening idly end, Meg, her husband and brother in law decided they need snacks at 1:30 am. She was promised not to show any photos, but they involved someone breaking their reading glasses in half and wearing a half of the pair while reading the late night menu. That’s all she can say on that one.

They tooled down to the Cape and met up with Meg’s Mom, and took a little boat ride on the Cape Cod Canal:

The couple also took a day trip over to Nantucket, and explored the quaint streets, browsing in art galleries:

Note: cool screened in porch bar on the right!

The flowers were delightful, as nothing but brown grass can exist in the dry Texas heat:

This vintage car was full of hatboxes of something. Money????

And yes, Meg stared longingly at the lucky boat owners who got to lounge all day long in the sun:

As they left Nantucket around 7:30, they were treated to a purple and pink sky as they sailed past the Brant Point Lighthouse:

On the boat ride back they drank homemade mudslides and listened to a bunch of guys their age drop f-bombs, but the good kind. They talked about having a f**king awesome day and how the sunset looked f**king spectacular. Meg just laughed with joy because she was at last at home with all of her edgy people. It was like being in a Monet painting, but Boston style.

The next stop on their itinerary was Newport Rhode Island. They had breakfast on the rooftop of their favorite place to stay, the Mill Street Inn:

They did more ocean side exploring, and found themselves at the Inn at Castle Hill, where they dined on lobster rolls. What a shock, huh?

Everywhere Meg went, it was like lobster porn:

The sunset hour was cooperative at every turn, combining sun, salt, sand and scrumptious cocktails:

As vacation wound down with one last meal, Meg wished she could just pack up come fresh clams in her bag and bring them home:

Well, she knows she can order seafood online, anyway.

It was sad leaving Boston, but she promises to give her readers Texas adventures if it kills her. She’s heading to Austin next month and suspects she’ll find some good spots to talk about. Don’t be surprised if she starts blogging from a food truck at 2 a.m. and tries to help get the tacos out the door for hungry night owls like herself.