Breaking News!

Leave it to Meg to generate her own headlines in the local newspaper!

Meg is always grateful for an invitation; and trust her, she is OPEN to new experiences, but she doesn’t think she’d do well with people that feature such speakers as crazy Ricky. In fact, when she went to their web site, she openly shouted out “Holy Sh*t“, which pretty much would have gotten her promptly kicked out of the gathering anyway.

Stay tuned as Meg continues her quest to find sympatico people to hang out with. She is thinking of taking out her own want ad in the paper. In fact, she’s going to work on one and post it for your approval.

Things I Miss In No Particular Order.

1. Polar Seltzer
It provided the fizziest, most carbonated seltzer ever invented. My vodka always tasted best with this. Plus they come out with cool flavors like Lemon Ginger around the holidays.

I have yet to find a good bubbly brand.

2. Wise Potato Chips.
They are a must with a toasted tuna fish sandwich, or a good burger.

On the other hand, the tortilla chips here in Texas are really good.

3. Crisp Air
You know, like in bracing cold air that feels good on your face.

On the other hand, it’s not 20 degrees here.

4. Cool places that are open on Sunday.
As evidenced by this past weekend’s field trip to the Fort Worth Cultural district, we scored zero on places we wanted to eat and shop.

Must remember culture shuts down on the Lord’s Day.

5. People that say “HOWAHYADOIN”?
I still find jumping out of my skin every time I hear HOWDY!

Just for balance, let me point out:

1. There is no snow here.

2. There is a pool that looks inviting when the weather turns nice.

3. I don’t live next to the biggest tool in the world anymore.

4. There is always fresh salsa available.

5. There are approximately 1 million dentists and plastic surgeons within a 1 mile radius. There is no possibility I can ever look bad again.

That’s it kids, the world is my oyster!

PPS. I did a search of the WISE snacks website, and SCORE. I can get the chips at the Dollar Store!

I Can’t Help Myself Friday. It’s Back!

Meg has not been able to churn out a regular edition of Friday nonsense for months. Today she finally woke up and felt
she had a Friday where she was free to do something besides unpack and hire a pool boy. (He really cleans the pool, but Meg is gonna pretend she has a private cabana with a frozen margarita maker, anyway.)


Ok, who is totally over the whole Manti T’eo thing? For those of you blissfully unaware of this situation, this young Notre Dame football start was in a phone relationship with someone he never met. That someone tragically died.

Except that someone never really existed. And kudos to the Hollywood Reporter for laying the whole story out in such glorious detail; Meg personally could not have pulled all these details together like this.

Also, Meg now knows “Catfishing” is also more than a bunch of guys in the South pulling ugly fish out of bayous.

Can everyone get over Beyonce possibly lip-synching the National Anthem? One would expect when the setting involves the National Mall and sound bouncing all over the place, it seems like recording the song is a sensible thing to do, rather than mangle the Star Spangled Banner like Christina Aguilera did last year.

At least Beyonce remembered there were ramparts. And bright stars and broad stripes. Very important to include that stuff.

Meg thought you guys would like to know that President Obama hired Lurch from the Addams family as his new Chief of Staff.

The Speaker of the House better watch it.

As usual, Meg would like to end her week with a Jon Stewart video, where Hillary Clinton kicks the Senate Foreign Relations collective asses.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Grill Hill – Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook

Meg wishes her peeps a fabulous weekend, the one where it’s the last weekend of January. YAY!

Oh Sing It! The Inauguration.

Meg happily watched the President’s inauguration; aside from all politics she loves how people freely elect a POTUS and follow
Constitutional law by making everyone bundle up on a cold winter’s day to watch them take the oath of office.

Aside from Chuck Schumer photobombing every photos he could, Meg enjoyed all the singers at the various events.

Seriously, Senator? What if they want this shot for the Christmas card? Call me First Family, if you want me to Photoshop him out.

Katy Perry started things off by singing at the Military Families Ball:

You certainly can dress her up in a flag and she still looks good:

James Taylor was the first singer up:

Great singer, but he dresses like my old psychology professor.

And how about Kelly Clarkson getting eyeballed by Bill Clinton?

Check out Kelly and Beyonce backstage:

And speaking of Beyonce:

Meg loved how she ripped her earpiece off and continued to belt the rest of the National Anthem out!

No matter what your politics, let’s wish the First Family the best, and let us thank our First Lady for rocking those boots!

These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boot are gonna walk all over you.

Are you ready boots? Start walking!

Where I Prove Pinterest is NOT a Waste of Time.

Meg has totally lost herself on Pinterest from time to time, where time is money and money is time and OH MY GOD where did the afternoon go?

Meg could spending HOURS pinning food, beverages, decor, places she needs to visit! And why not add more craft projects to her list? (Bwahahahaha!). Which is why she tries NOT to log on a lot, because HOLY CRAP does she ever have a long list of stuff she’ll never get done now. Will she really do that cool craft project where you can decoupage a poem onto a candle? (She hopes so, that sounds fun). Will she make a skinny margarita as seen in the Cocktails board? YESYESYES!

Anyway, Meg has discovered the internet is her best friend in re-doing her master bedroom suite. Remember how she just went furniture shopping and was discouraged?

She finally found a few websites and realized she could pin all the stuff she was buying, (or thinking about buying) and start to get an image of how the pieces would look together. Which kind of jazzed her, and in turn, made her buy more stuff.

Want to see what she has put together so far?

Meg found a brick and mortar store (Ethan Allen) to purchase her bed:

The sales person matched the wood to her antique maple bedroom set, and then Meg picked this cool material for the headboard called “Sparkle Ivory”. Just a touch of twinkle, just like Meg?

Then she went crazy for pillows for various parts of the house:

She saw this vintage Beacon blanket and thought it would really spiff up her sofa:

Now she is going to have an addiction for Beacon blankets. She loves how they look Southwest but you can throw them over anything!

She scored these nightstands from Joss and Main:

And she already had these cool mirrors from Ballard Designs:

Seeing them all up in one place makes things seem much more organized. Meg is happy she is not all Les Miserables and things are coming together! Thoughts, peeps?

Where I Channel Marie Antoinette.

No, I didn’t tell anyone to eat cake for dinner. I simply went furniture shopping and saw this:


When the family pulled up in front of the furniture store, Meg was all like “Hon, there’s a shield with crossed swords over the doorway. I don’t think this looks good for us. It feels like the staff might be wearing chainmail!” He replied, Let’s give it shot, OK?

Well, as you can imagine, when the salesperson complied by showing the couple some bedrooms, Meg said something like “Well, it reminds me of a place I visited this past summer. Ever heard of Versailles?”

Also, did you know the complete set for a room is called “A Suit”? As opposed to a “Suite”, pronounced “Sweet”?

Meg was confused beyond belief when she finished her first furniture shopping foray. She tried to find some stuff that matched their vintage New England look, but saw a lot of mesquite, cowboy and French Revolution style stuff. Stay tuned as Meg scours the State of Texas for things that fit her lifestyle and sensibility. Oddly enough, she started with pillows and throws this morning and she thinks that might be a jumping off point for her. Shopping on-line appears to be the way to go!

She is also working on the prison style lighting and hopes that is gone soon.

Pray Meg doesn’t take her guillotine out and lop her head off in frustration as the quest for a cozy home continues.