Pre Sandy Fun!

Before the hurricane, superstorm, or whatever Sandy ended up being, Meg and Leo had a little fun on one of their last Boston weekends!

The sun shone brightly and they were visited by this couple:

Mr. PhD is Leo’s youngest brother and travels the world shrinking heads in crazy war zones. His girlfriend is the bubbly HR person!

Even though Meg and Leo have been to Fenway Park for numerous games; we decided to take the behind the scenes tour:

Meg and Bubbly sat in the Monster seats, although you would never know it from this shot:

Note: when you ask to be photographed atop the Monster Seats in Fenway, try and provide some background context. Other than that it looks like two cute chicks.

Although there were many fun facts imparted on the tour, the one overriding feeling Meg felt was this:


All she saw were beverage stands and sad little beer taps not being manned, and suddenly she had a jonesing for a cold Coors Light. Good Lord, do they not know they can make a fortune off the tour group with beer alone?

Anyway, she enjoyed knowing that the Ted Williams longest home run seat in the bleachers is available for sale to any fan for the regular bleacher seat price:

On their way for Italian food in the North End of Boston, they decided to stop by CHEERS and have a cold one for old times sake:

They trooped through Beacon Hill and checked out the brownstones and Halloween decorations:

Nice spider webs!

Nice combo of skulls and pumpkins!

This was her fave decoration:

Because what could be spookier than getting your car towed in Boston?

The couples stayed up til 1:00 am drinking and laughing and remembering the time Meg and Leo took Mr. PhD to Ghostbusters when he was in high school.

Meg and Leo are headed out to the Lone Star State tomorrow, where they hope to score a nice house with a good pool for all her friends to go skinny dipping in. (Well, OK, to drink and sun themselves by.) Wish them luck and Meg will check back in with you next week!

I Can’t Help Myself Friday. The Chanel Number 5 Edition.

Does anyone understand what Brad Pitt is saying in the new Chanel Number 5 commercial?

Meg is baffled as to why Brad agreed to shill the perfume, but then again, she couldn’t understand his hooking up with Angelina Jolie either.

She has however, enjoyed the parodies:

Conan O’ Brien was a bit naughty:

Former teen idol Leif Garrett was pretty entertaining:

Meg’s fave was definitely the Saturday Night Live sendup:

Meg cannot actually remember the last time she smelled Chanel Number 5, although she does remember it ranked up there with the sixties Momcentric scents:

Anyone remember Jean Nate?

She’s pretty sure her Mom had a shelf full of this stuff!

How about Tabu? You could easily buzz into the neighborhood drugstore and pick up the handy variety pack that in included body lotion and bath splash!

She is certain all the library ladies wore this signature scent for shelving books.

Meg and her friends remember wearing this stuff:

Until one creepy night at her friends house, the whole downstairs was eerily pervaded with the overwhelming smell of Ambush. Meg and her friends were certain ghosts were at work and they determined they should never wear that scent again. They all swapped off to Love’s Baby Soft, whereupon they all smelled like freshly diapered babies.

Ladies, just remember, don’t be tricked by Brad Pitt and his Chanel Number 5, and NEVER, I repeat NEVER, go back to wearing a vintage perfume like the ones I just mentioned. Or you truly will be haunted!

More Adventures in France…

Meg has been a little busy the past few days, getting jerked around and all by the buyers of her home. Not to worry, she dispatched their alleged concerns (aka, made up bull shit to get the price down) tout suite.

Now she can go back to showing you photos of France, and sing it’s praises:

We continued relaxing on the barge, enjoying the scenery:

Going through the locks was fun!

This was the view when we docked for lunch one day:

Of course, no trip to France would be complete without seeing a French Poodle:

And he was coming out of this fancy salon – book 6 months ahead for grooming!

Leo thought they meant they kept your dog for six months…

We saw plenty of these everywhere:

Do you know the difference between gargoyles and just a plain ugly face (formally called grotesques)? The gargoyles are always downspouts that carry water away of the buildings. It’s your fun fact of the day!

When we arrived in Arles, this was the view from our hotel room:

The coliseum is home to circuses, opera and bullfighting in the summer months. We took a tour around it and got some aerobic exercise:

It was so amazing to see this Roman structure aside the charming alleyways and the twisting streets:

We drove to the beautiful village of Les Baux Provence one day:

It’s an historic village that seems like it’s on top of the world. One part is the historic ruins:

They even had good old fashioned catapults, just like you see in the movies:

Leo made me take this photo, just so you know.

The entire place overlooked a gorgeous valley full of olive trees:

The photos don’t even begin to capture the expanse of beauty and awe that are France!

After walking around we had lunch with a friend:

As tempting as it was, we didn’t share…

Next time, Meg lands in Paris for a whirlwind 4 days, and more cool photos!

I Can’t Help Myself Friday. The Binder Edition.

The recent Presidential debate gave Meg her best blog fodder in months! Her overall impression of the snappy dialog and the intense back and forth between the candidates was this:

That’s right ladies, Governor Romney claimed to have “binders full of women!” Meg would have love to take a peek at the 3 ring thing of beauty. The shiny cover, the pretty tabs all labeled with titles like “PICKS UP DRY CLEANING”, “MAKES GREAT MARTINI”, and “BEST SHOPPER FOR BOTH WIFE AND MISTRESS”.

I’m also imagining a photo and description:

Suzy is a curvy 36-24-36. She rock climbs, cooks, and is an accomplished pianist. Her ancestors came over on the Mayflower, and she has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. She’d make a fine addition to any hedge fund office. CALL NOW FOR DEETS!

Does anyone think this man is caught back in the 70’s? Meg remembers when she was straight out of college in 1981, and she had an interview with a recruiter for a marketing position of some sort. Which only meant you had to be a good suck up, which if you met Meg, you would know she IS NOT. Anyway, the recruiter told Meg “you should be a stewardess. You’d be great at that“. Meg looked at the recruiter quizzically, and replied “Why would I want to be a flying waitress?” No offense, to those who push beverage cars, but it’s not Meg’s thing.

Anyway, the reason I bring that anecdote from the past up, is that Mitt reminds of of that recruiter. With a wink and a hey little lady, he’s thinks he’s got women charmed and is telling them what they want to hear. Umm, NOT.

I know Jon Stewart agrees with me on this one, too:

Also ladies, do I need to remind you to whip out your Downton Abbey strands of pears and whip Mitt into submission? He wants to cut PBS funding and it’s paltry one ten-thousandth of 1 percent of the federal budget.

Find bigger issues Mitt, and be more serious toward women. Being a Massachusetts native, I confidently feel I can say you have been two different people, and as a Governor, you were a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Now, you are the guy that would strap his dead grandmother (or DOG?) to the top of a car to get a vote.

Of course, you also kicked the first woman Governor of Massachusetts, to the curb, telling her not so subtly told her to step aside, there was a new sheriff in town that wanted to run the state. I wonder what binder she ended up in?

It’s Got Good Feng Shui…

That’s what our real estate agent said. She is a Buddhist from Sri Lanka, and she looked around and commented “this is a happy house. You can tell it has great light and warmth, and is beautifully decorated. I anticipate it will sell this weekend”.

Guess what Meg’s been doing while fending off this rotten cold and still trying to keep her good karma buzz from France? Selling her house. Time to move forward and think about the Lone Star State! (and no, she hasn’t wrapped her brain around that concept no matter how much she pictures herself by a pool. And look how Meg puts exclamation marks like she’s really enthusiastic!)

So she’s been cleaning and staging her house, cleaning some more, stashing things under the bed, stashing stuff in her cellar, and paring down her her possessions, so as to not to have badly behaved children break her sh*t. No kidding that’s what she was told, people bring little toddlers to crowded open houses and let them run amok.

Meg came across all kinds of things she hadn’t seen in awhile. She should toss these?

Don’t judge, me, I earned them! And it was a gift from my husband and 2 brothers in-law, who rewarded all their wives for cooking fantastic meals every night while we were all on vacation in the Outer Banks.

For the first time in her life, she hired maids. She was hoping for Lorenza, but she got Stacy and Bonnie instead. They were great and crawled under furniture and cleaned three bathrooms. Please raise your hand if you hate cleaning showers and bathtubs as much as I do? I detest the smell of Scrubbing Bubbles and bleach, but liked it a whole lot better when someone else used it.

That left Meg to plant mums and place pumpkins and pretend she is on an episode of Curb Appeal.

Right now she is sitting with a heating pad draped around her neck because she can’t move. Every muscle in her neck and back hurt, but damn it, she can eat off her any floor in her house.

Wish the family luck this weekend as they go on their real estate journey.

P.S. She tossed the Sexy Snacks.

It Started in a Chateau in France…

Meg is back in the blogsphere! She is back from France, and here to tell you it was fabulous! The sights, the food, the wine, and yes, the people. Even the French, whom she heard were so snobby, were warm, helpful and friendly! Can you imagine? All was tres bien on the whirlwind trip, and Meg is totally in love with France.

So the couple landed in a lovely place by the Mediterranean called Montpellier, right before they boarded their barge cruise. (And fun fact, Montpelier, Vermont is named after it’s French counterpart!) It was a lovely medieval city to stroll around on a sunny day:

Cute alleyways and shops were everywhere…

This was early in the day, but this cafe had it’s quaint tables all set for lunch.

That afternoon, Meg and Leo were whisked off to the barge:

All aboard and ready to relax!

The Emma was even cuter and more beautiful than imagined. The walls were hung with tasteful artwork, the living room, aka the salon was cozy, and the bar was fully stocked with everything! Meg just sighed as she sat down for a glass of champagne and surveyed her surroundings in disbelief.

The owners, Liz and Rene started the evening off with a surprise, saying we had all been invited to a concert at the chateau where we were docked. Say WHAT?

We entered the courtyard of the chateau:

When dusk fell, we were treated to twinkly lights and beautiful music:

The Chorale de Barcelona

This group sang along with accompanied by a Spanish flamenco guitarist. It turns out the owner of the chateau was Michel Plasson, who is a famous conductor in France, and each summer he plans a concert with a special theme and serves food to match. So, after the concert, we were treated to giant pans of paella and tons of fantastic French wine. Meg thinks it was a fabulous way to start a vacation!

After a bleary eyed start the next morning, the gang visited some local Roman ruins and drove through some vineyards. Everyone adjourned to the boat for an alfresco lunch:

After lunch, we sat with out glasses of rose and enjoyed books, conversation, and the scenery:

Oaks line the entire canal.

One day we visited a market in Narbonne, and sampled all the fresh food:


Charcuterie! (aka, meat)


We even selected our own fish and meat and had it prepared for us, complete with fresh salad and crisp glasses of wine:

Rosie, our intrepid tour guide, purchasing our lunch!

One day we visited a village called Minervois and browsed the historic ruins:

We browsed the quaint village and shops:

We also were granted a private viewing of it’s ancient chapel:

Of course we landed in a winery at days end for a tasting:

And then back to the boat for more cruising in the sun:

This Emma’s BFF, the Caroline. All the cool boats know each other crew members and wave like mad when they pass each other. Also, salute with cocktails.

The couple debarked in various adorable locations, and yes, southern France = palm trees = semi-tropical!

Meg is going to end with this photo:

This is the day she was struck down by a sore throat and Liz made her a hot toddy with whiskey, lemon and honey. Meg felt better after downing the concoction, but has been battling the cold off and on for the last two weeks. She meant to post photos last week but then the cold came back and blah blah, blah.

Meg does plan to bore you with more of her travelogue including some photos of Provence and Paris, both of which she thoroughly
fell in love with. But, editor’s note, if she doesn’t do it for a few more days, forgive her while she huddles up in a blankie and ingests some more hot toddies and slathers herself in Vicks…

Looking forward to catching up with all my peeps!