Where 25 Years Fly By.

Today is our 25th anniversary. 25 YEARS, PEOPLE!

Don’t judge me, OK? In the day, not a single bride ever wore a strapless gown, because you would be struck down my lightning
if you were on an altar wearing a revealing dress. I mean, it’s no fun getting smote by a priest and doomed to eternal damnation.

Meg has had a whirlwind week of activity this past week. In an ironic twist, her oldest niece, the one who was the most adorable flower girl at Meg’s wedding, got hitched herself:

Meg sprinkled a few stars in the background of her photo because she IS a star.

The crowd surprised Meg and Leo the evening before with a lovely cake and a card with heartfelt wishes, and she especially like the one that said:

Hope the next 25 years is better than the first.

She is 100 percent sure her brother in law meant “EVEN” better.

The couple enjoyed themselves mingling and reminiscing about all the fun they had with the bride when she was a kid, and she
told Meg that “you were always there for the milestones in my life.” Meg could not have asked for a better anniversary present, but the bride had one more little surprise in store for the couple; and she had the DJ announce Meg and Leo’s anniversary, and he then played their first song which was “Stand By Me“.

Meg was presented with a bouquet of her very own, and the bride of 25 years ago stood proudly with the bride today:

So today Meg is packing for her trip to France. She is on the emotional roller coaster; it was the 9/11 anniversary yesterday, today is her 25th wedding anniversary, and it also would have been her Dad’s 79th birthday. She’s lucky she had her Dad’s steady arm when she walked down the aisle on September 12th, 1987, and she’s equally glad she has another steady arm in her husband.

Au revoir kids, until October!

Where I Strike a Mudra

Like Madonna, I’m going to strike a pose, and it’s called a mudra. What’s a mudra, you ask?

In yoga, mudras are used in conjunction with pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), generally while seated in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana pose, to stimulate different parts of the body involved with breathing and to affect the flow of prana in the body.

Why do I need some mudras? Well, besides centering Meg’s breathing and getting good energy flow, it prepares her for another in-law wedding weekend.

Remember Meg’s earlier summer wedding weekend where no one could decide where to stay, and which end was up? Meg gets to do it all over again, except she has to board a plane and spend more money.

And as much as Meg likes some of her in-laws, they cannot plan a bloody thing. Hotels. OMG, it’s a nightmare. Who’s staying where, how long, is my room near yours, what time are you getting in? Enough already, grown people over 40!

You know what? Meg only cares about is what bar is closest to her, and then which breakfast place is on her doorstep so she can scarf down an omelet and home fries to soak up the booze.

Here’s a sample conversation from this week:

SIL* #1, Phone text: What time are you coming in?

Me: 4:00 pm, I should be at the hotel by 6. Traffic a nightmare around Norfolk.

SIL #1: See you then!

SIL #2, Phone text: It’s too bad you are missing the rehearsal dinner, we heard you are flying in at 8pm.

Me: Where did you hear… &*(^&%^ Nevermind, we will be there at 6:00.

* – Sister-in-law

See? See what I mean?

Meg went to the store today and purchased nips like she was a construction worker who needed a shot of Johnnie and a Bud chaser. But instead, she purchased her upscale friends Bailey’s and Frangelico, and she is going to pour those in the plastic Dixie Cup, aka brandy hotel snifter. She’ll relax after the dinner, which she hears is being served by in a bucket. (Hey Colonel Sanders!) and then she will CHILL.

She’ll tell you all about the escapades next week before she zips off to gay Paris. In the meantime, Meg is having a brainstorm about a Google Map booze and breakfast app for the smart phone.

Midweek Potpourri for $200

It’s never about the cash in Meg’s Potpourri column, it’s just about the fake money and all the random boring cool things she talks about.

Like where did the summer fly to, kids? Meg is still into her white capris and her cute coral Italian handbag. And don’t try and make her give them up until the leaves drop either. Anyway, she’s taking them both to France next week and don’t think Coco Chanel has anything on Meg, OK?

The family had a fun Labor Day weekend. The weather was gorgeous and they enjoyed their yard, and they especially were grateful for Jack, who courageously herded some turkeys into a tree, and then sat there and watched them, ensuring his masters were safe from any fowl play:

Meg and her friend Anne went to the PEM and saw the Ansel Adams exhibit “By the Waters Edge“, which was awesome. They went and had lunch at a local establishment and enjoyed some sangrias and girl talk!

The family spent one afternoon sailing on this boat:

And then followed it up with lobster fra diavlo right here:

Normally I would save this next goody for a Friday blog, but since I’ll be attending a wedding this weekend, I need to use Jon Stewart here:

Or as I liked to call this speech “Clint Eastwood channeling Doc Brown in Back to the Future“. And cue the Delorean!

I feel justified in screaming at that kitchen table that has been irking me for years.

Lastly, Meg smashed her head in a cubby hole in her cellar, and later on that day tripped on her deck and put a nice gash in her knee. She quit doing things after that, because anything else would have risked death.

Lucky for you all, she lived to blog another day.