Music To My Ears.

Meg recently heard an old-fashioned phone ring tone, and it immediately brought her back 35 years ago to a tiny shared bedroom, where she and her sister Bee had the Pink Princess phone. It wasn’t a gift or anything, they just finally called the phone company and ordered a new line for their room. They were sick of sharing the kitchen phone, OK? And the phone company never asked how old they were, either.

Meg remembers it sitting on the bedside table, where the earpiece could easily be snagged without her head leaving the pillow. It was all about convenience, people. And possibly being a little too hungover to pick one’s head up too fast.

NPR recently featured a website called the Museum of Endangered Sounds. The website doesn’t have a whole lot on it, but a few of them were gems that brought Meg back to the golden age. Or maybe it was just the 80’s where gold was popular and everyone dripped in charms and shrimp hoop earrings.

Don’t be all alarmed kids, but Meg used to type her early college papers on one of these babies:

And see the metal ball? If you were lucky, you had several of these so you could change fonts. And they were in a little special case so you could go from Courier to Gothic. Crazy, man.

She even sported one of these turntables, and yes, she had a Three Dog Night collection, too.

Don’t judge me.

Please don’t tell me you never played a game of Pacman:

Right, that was mostly the sound Meg heard.

One of the sounds Meg really liked from the 80’s and 90’s was this:

Here’s the deal kids. When you signed up with a provider, you were given a secret decoder ring with a phone number, and if you were lucky and combined the right phone number with the correct button on the external modem, typed in the secret password, and landed a connection, you were considered blessed. In some cases, it meant you hit the jackpot on a snow day, and you could work from home, hogging the bandwidth for 8 hours while other people had to take a vacation day during a blizzard. HA. And that’s why a modem was music to a computer professional’s ears.

Well, it’s about days end, and Meg is going to head to the fridge and hear one of her fave sounds, ice clinking in a glass:

I’m with you, kid.

The Circle of Life.

Meg has been busy sorting through photos the past few weeks, humming the Circle of Life from the “Lion King“. Hey, I can be just as cornball as the rest of you. So Hakuna Matata.

The family attended a wedding a few weeks ago, and Meg met her grand niece for the first time. That’s right, she’s GREAT AUNT MEG. Emphasis on the great and awesome part.

Here she is with Isabella, who is 4 months old. Couldn’t you just eat her up?

The family partied at a campground in Maine where surprisingly the bugs did not carry them away. Here’s Meg’s husband with his sister and brother:

Here’s a shot of all the manly men:

There was a lot of food, a campfire, singing, and vodka. And then the secret code was deployed to exit the campground after hours, as the curfew was 9:30 p.m. RIGHT. Like they were really going home at 9:30.

The next day dawned sunny and gorgeous, and the kids walked their mother out to meet the groom:


All the siblings together:

Oh, and more BAYBEE photos:

The couple capped the night off with a dance:

The rest of the group adjoined to the pub, where they shockingly closed the bar at 1 a.m. In about another 6 weeks, we do this all over again for another wedding! Right now Meg is on her best Betty and Jenny regime (Ford and Craig) so she can begin another weekend of debauchery.

Potpourri for $500.

The Double Jeopardy category is WEATHER and the answer is, HOT HOT HOT. With a side of humid, with a chance of runny eyeliner later on this evening. (Just kidding, Meg didn’t even bother with makeup today, that’s what sunglasses are for).

Jesus H. weatherpeople, if you want to forecast showers, then follow up on them! Meg is trying to keep her Giverny like gardens looking like a Monet painting:

I swear they are calling out for a vodka on the rocks.


Tonight she’s making this salad:

Watermelon Mint Feta Salad

1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup lime juice (4-6 limes, depending on how big and juicy the limes are)
A quarter of a medium sized watermelon, rind removed, black seeds removed (if there are any), chopped into 1-inch cubes
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, chopped
1/2 cup fresh parsley leaves, chopped

She’ll serve some fresh Block Island swordfish and maybe some fresh corn to go along with it. Any cool weather salads you’d like to share?


Meg is redoing her office and removing all the clunky old furniture so it looks sleek and roomy. Remember those old computer desks that held gigantic towers and monitors?

Yeah, they’ve become pretty outdated. Instead, she ordered this on-line at the Home Decorators Site:

She got the matching file cabinet as well, which also looks like a console table. She is adding this piece of modern art to
the office for some panache:

She found this Joan Miro lithograph on sale and thought the office could use a modern edge, she thinks the furniture will pick up the green. The thing Meg likes about this is that you could put this stuff in a spare bedroom and it would totally blend in. She over having a room that looks like a development lab at an engineering company.


Meg is making hotel reservations for another family wedding, and so far it’s stretching into month two of where people want to stay. Meg has called a dingbat at a Holiday Inn Express two days in a row, and somehow this person cannot manage to reserve a room. Does anyone think Meg should have her husband work with his family? She thinks so.

I Can’t Help Myself Friday. The Casting Call.

Meg took note of a number of movies being filmed in the Boston area, and was intrigued about the casting call process. Shall we delve a little deeper behind the scenes this Friday?

Disclaimer: Attending an open call event does not guarantee an audition for the movie.

Ahem. Shall we start with the new tart girlfriend of Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft?

video platform
video management
video solutions
video player

Bob’s new friend is named Ricki. Ricki Noel to be exact, which I’m sure NONE of you are surprised about. Ricki is auditioning for the part of a stripper statue in a new Owen Wilson movie! Personally, I think she nailed her audition, don’t you? Now Meg knows why there are so many Cialis ads every time she goes to a football game at Gillette Stadium.

Adam Sandler is filming a few towns over from Meg, and he needs a bunch of people for a party scene. Meg DOES NOT GET THE PHENOMENON know as Adam Sandler, she thinks he is the LUCKIEST and most TALENTLESS person on the face of the planet. Plus he always fakes he’s from New York City, when we all know he grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire. Anyway, this juvenile slob wants all the beautiful folks at his fake beach party. Specifically, the casting call requires people with skinny waists. “Also, YOU MUST BE GOOD LOOKING. AND A SIZE SIX. To be sure you meet the criteria, measure your waists at the biggest point”.

And who is not skeeved out by the assistant carrying a 40 pack of ultra Charmin bath tissue?

Meg’s favorite casting call this week was an actual real life drama, where Katie Holmes played the role of a super secret spy, and tricked Tom Cruise into thinking she still was a Stepford Wife. She scored her own digs, had her Dad fire all the creepy bodyguards, and spirited Suri away to safety! Hooray for Katie! I would nominate her for an Oscar for Best Leading Role in a Divorce! And now she might get to be a real actress again!

Just remember kids, when someone whips at that cell phone and starts to video, be your very best, or you never know who’s blog you will end up on!


That’s right Meg is exhausted, so she just puts words together like a new verb. “Megsausted“. Feel free to steal it and substitute your own name any time you need it.

The last three weeks Meg has had contractors floating around her house doing various things in preparation for the Lone Star State move. They have painted, repaired the chimney, reglazed her bathtub, put a new roof on, and various and sundry other projects, so the family can sell their house. (and Dawn, I still might want to rent it out it looks so nice now!)

Take a look kids, at how things are shaping up!

This is the front with the new shutters, chimney and roof.

Here’s the view from the garden patio, where the family has fire pit parties when the cooler weather prevails:

Or just when they feel like pyromaniacs and want to see flames.

Here’s the expansive lawn, where croquet and volleyball can be easily set up:

Meg is almost finished staging and repairing her house, and goddamn it, she loves it more than ever. Even after going to the paint store and trying to get paint colors matched. That was when the biggest a**hole that ever lived walked into the store, while Meg was consulting with the paint guy. He proceeded to bang his hands on the counter and shout “HOW ABOUT I GET SOME HELP HERE”! After all, he had waited all of one minute, Meg could see why he was annoyed. NOT.

Apparently Meg was a mere hallucination to his feeble mind, but as he spun on his heel, she did call out to him. “BY THE WAY, YOU”RE A JERK”.

Meg hopes she can take a little break for the next few weeks, and she doesn’t have to duke it out with all the people that are having home repair rage in the stores. Maybe those Home Depot people make it look like it’s fun, but she can tell you there are some mighty angry painters out there.

In the meantime, she’s going to enjoy her pretty house and gardens. And maybe have a cocktail on the patio!

Where We Practice Our French Accents.

This week, Meg has been surrounded by painters and various construction people getting her house ready so it looks all sparkly for buyers later on this year. Quite frankly, she’s ready for them to leave so she can go to the beach and read a GOOD BOOK, one that ISN’T “Fifty Shades of Grey (Meg is still pissed off about reading it and spending $ on it).

In the meantime, she’s posting a video for you, which was taken at around 11:00 pm last Sunday night, where her husband and her brother in law try practicing their French accents:

Please note Jack is sitting right by his mistresses side, because she’s the only one not purring like a kitten. Cause cats stink, right Jack?