Ten Gallon Meg

Meg’s husband got an offer, one he can refuse, or maybe not. His big gigantic financial services company keeps moving people out of Boston, and they recently decided they would like the couple to relocate to the Lone Star State.

Hmm, can we all picture Meg with a Ten Gallon Hat?

All kidding aside, the family is going to fly to Texas in a few weeks and tour a suburb of Dallas. Meg started her research by Googling cultural attractions like museums, and she came up with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth. That didn’t exactly sing Degas and the Nude, which was the most recent exhibition she saw at the MFA in Boston, but maybe the smell of freshly printed money could be strangely alluring?

She supposes she could listen to NPR on podcast instead of live radio, I mean that’s what a laptop is for, right?

Most people would start researching real estate, but Meg quickly tried to get a handle on grocery stores, to see if she could buy the food the normally consumes, like San Marzano tomatoes and chili lime cashews. It looks like a lot of UPS deliveries would be in her future, along with room in a McMansion that contains a her very own pilates reformer machine.

Meg’s husband perused the real estate scene and he showed her a lot of houses that looked like this:

Every house was WAYYYYY BIG. As in it could take a week to vacuum and dust.

She checked out the restaurant scene and tried to picture holding court at the Snooty Pig Cafe.

Meg knows she would miss the cannoli’s and antipasto with that spicy Italian buttermilk dressing. She would miss her baseball pahk, and the garden she has worked on for 10 years.

Last night Meg dreamed tigers were running after her all night and she kept shouting “I know you’re not real – stop running after me!”

To dream that you are attacked by a tiger, symbolizes repressed feelings or emotions that frighten you.

Yeah, no kidding on that one, Mr. Dream Analyzer.

Who knows what life will bring you if you don’t try something new? Stay tuned as Meg reports back, maybe you’ll see her swinging off the back of a bronco in a bar with some spurs and a 10 gallon hat! In the meantime, she’s going shopping for some extra strength hairspray and some bright lipstick!

7 thoughts on “Ten Gallon Meg

  1. Although I live in the area, I’m not a big fan of Dallas – which is why I live in Grapevine. If you’re looking for cultural things, Fort Worth has a lot to offer.

    You’re a gardener and I so envy your weather. The heat down here is will definitely be a challenge. Baseball? The Rangers don’t have the history of the Red Sox but they have been a contender the past few years. Honestly, we do have NPR without having to stream it online. A full-time jazz station? Sorry.

    We do have a wide variety of restaurants. Someone once said we have more restaurants per capita than NYC. They didn’t give a percentage that were Mexican though. I have been to some wonderful Italian restaurants in the area. Seafood is good but no comparison to your area.

    I don’t envy your decision. Moving is always difficult especially if you have put down roots in your current area. Good luck and don’t believe all those dumb Texan rumors you hear about – except for the George W. and Rick Perry ones…

  2. On of our friends was already transferred to North Carolina a couple of years ago. He hasn’t mentioned a possible transfer to Dallas.

    I will be in MA for 2 weeks in May, maybe you and me and Bee can manage a get-together? If my Mom doesn’t chain me to her Honey-do list. She already has me scheduled to clean her garage, wash her windows, and take her to a doctor’s appointment.

  3. Austin is the best place in Texas, if I do say so myself. However, if one has to live in the Dallas area, Grapevine is a darling area (and I’ve been known to visit Dawn’sDad there on many an occasion.)

  4. Meg IS NOT – and I repeat – NOT NOT NOT moving to Dallas – I cannot live without my See’ster that far away – she would not be able to rescue me when I call her on the phone crying – or when I need her to rescue Matt and Play Hockey Mom from a hockey rink in a town near her………….So listen up fellow bloggers: DO NOT FEED Meg any thoughts about moving to the Lone Dumb State – and in the words of this Boston gal – It ain’t happening! So there!

  5. There are some great neighborhoods in Dallas that have cute, normal houses…look at the Lakewood area…sounds like fun??

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