Hey There Little Lady!

I know you might think this is a follow up to the Ten Gallon Meg entry the other day, but there’s no cowboy theme today. Today’s theme is how far women and men have come in society, so she going to share a little parable with her audience, and maybe someday it will become a famous fable!

Once upon a time, there was a busy woman named Meg. She whipped up web sites, she blogged, she wielded tools with ease and she’s a mean cook and a good photographer. Our heroine is a renaissance person that isn’t afraid of a challenge, except then tigers and snakes chase her around in her dreams.

Renaissance Meg was neck deep putting her newly painted room back together the other day, when her doorbell rang. This is an unusual occurrence, as her house is set back 100 yards from the main road, and people REALLY want to have to come and visit her, which limits her to twice yearly visits by Mormon missionaries or Jehovah Witnesses.

Except this time, a toad masquerading as a handsome prince appeared on her doorstep, with a clipboard and a song and dance. He started the lame dance by saying he was from Verizon, and wasn’t Meg interested in switching to bundled cable with them?

So Renaissance Meg said, no, she was not interested in switching, but thanks anyway. She had sh*t to get back to and she wasn’t going to let the annoying toad keep her any longer. But then, the amphibian standing before her caught her attention by mentioning the HUSBAND, and wouldn’t he REALLY be the ONE to TALK TO? And hey little lady, ANY CHANCE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU PAY RIGHT NOW?

Oh, toad, guess what? I KNOW EXACTLY what I pay, because I pay all the bills. I know every cent in our joint checking, savings and
our 401K. I know off the top of my head all the equity we have and what we owe, and when we can retire. I know ALL THAT AND MORE.

I also know how my cable works, and I can operate the DVR, the Blu-Ray, the BOSE Home Theater, the Wii, the outdoor speakers and the garage speakers. I don’t even need a cheat sheet, I can do all that in MY HEAD.

Renaissance Meg sent him packing, but she can’t help but think that’s the second time someone from Verizon has come to her door and treated her like a throw back the the 60’s. So it’s unlikely Meg will ever need Verizon’s services, until they tell their staff they aren’t working on an episode of Mad Men and writing Pepsodent commercials for whiter teeth and fresh breath.

Meg went back to finishing her tasks, which included sorting through books and placing them back in her bookcase. She came across this autographed tome, and decided to take a little inspiration from one of her heroes and icons:

Meg decided next time she saw a Verizon rep at her door, she’ll throw this book at them:

She thinks Gloria Steinem would approve 100%.

5 thoughts on “Hey There Little Lady!

  1. Argh! I am feeling your frustration (even though I honestly do not know how much is in our checking account right now). I once had a car dealer try to sell me a car that was badly in need of an alignment. He told me that sometimes the steering wheels are put on a little crooked.

    P.S. I really hope you are reconsidering a move to Dallas now. It’s hard enough worrying about DawnsDad, without worrying about Rennaisance Meg, too!

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