The Sentence Dust Up!

Today’s war of words is brought to you my Mama Kat, who decided it was OK to instigate a fight between the four major type of sentences and see which one would talk the most. Meg has decided to take a twist on this task and insert a situation that’s making her bat shit crazy this week, and we’ll just see what sentence comes out of top as a winner, OK?

Shall we?

Declarative: Your sister called and is getting married in June.

Exclamatory: That’s really nice!

Interrogative: So what do we need to do to get organized? And surely that shouldn’t include calling the rest of your family? You know how confusing (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY and lets include LAST CENTURY AS WELL) that can be, because when they all start talking they can’t decide a BLOODY F**KING THING, am I right?

Declarative: Well, let’s just rent a hotel room and be done with it.

Interrogative: OK, I’m going on-line and snagging a room. Let’s just decide what is most comfortable and within a reasonable distance and go with that OK? Oh, and the hotel bar needs to have a lot of high end vodka. LOTS.

Exclamatory: Good idea!

Declarative: (10 minutes later.) The hotel has been booked.

Later that week:

I have a number of Facebook messages about the wedding. Everyone is debating about where to stay and someone just found out there is a block of rooms available, but NO ONE SHARED THAT INFORMATION WITH ANY OF THE INVITED HOSTAGES GUESTS.

Exclamatory: F**K!

Declarative: I think we should just keep our reservations and never mind what the rest of the BORG is doing.

And even later that week…

Imperative: AIIEEE, they keep sending me mail messages!

We are keeping the reservations, that is that.

Exclamatory: Thanks honey! I love you!

Clearly, Meg interrogative sentences are the most wordy and convey her sense of frustration. They certainly win in a wordy war of words, but nothing beats a good exclamatory F**K when it comes to sentence structure.

And Meg will certainly keep you posted on that wedding scenario as the day draws closer. She can hardly wait to tell you about the bed she’s going to be sleeping in, and who might even be sleeping next door to them! Good times, everyone.

8 thoughts on “The Sentence Dust Up!

  1. At the end I figured out someone’s getting married but there were a lot of sentences getting there and I don’t mean the one called marriage.

  2. Hey, your sentence drama reminds me of our upcoming trip to Vegas to see the Girl get married. Too many exes are booked into the same hotel, so we have a condo a couple blocks off the strip. Heaven! And because we have an extra bedroom, we get to keep the grandbabies!

  3. I have the same kind of family except they all just turn to me and expect me to do all the planning. I use a LOT of exclamatory sentences. I say keep the reservations for your own sanity.

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