I Can’t Help Myself Friday. Graphically Speaking.

by meg on December 30, 2011

Today Meg was feeling a little creative, and she’s decided to depict her week via some interesting graphs. She guarantees you’ll never see these in any boring Powerpoint presentation in your office! Shall we begin?

Meg is oh so tired this week, and this just about sums up her feelings about the holidays:

Anyone? Anyone else feel like this?

Meg was inspired by the Zadge to create this Sound of Music Graph:

Your fearless bloggers both feel Christopher Plummer’s hotness in The Sound of Music has increased exponentially with age. When a young Meg first watched this movie, she was HORRIFIED at the thought of Julie Andrews off on some month long honeymoon with the Captain. That has seriously changed over the years, as shown in the scale going from old and decrepit to HOT. Feel free to pass this along.

Meg awoke to the news that her cell phone carrier, Verizon, wants to CHARGE people two dollars to pay their phone bill via the web, or YOUR ACTUAL PHONE. They say “it costs money”. Umm, doesn’t check processing take MORE MONEY and MORE PEOPLE? I’m so writing you a-holes a check.

BTW, If your phones are so F**king smart, then the phones should come up with a cheaper plan. So there.

What is with morning news anchors wearing cocktail dresses and chandelier earrings? It’s 5:00 am sister, and unless you are doing the walk of shame from a long night out, you SHOULD not be wearing this outfit or trashy accessories.

Meg wants to thank you for coming along through her 2011 ride through blogdom, and she hopes to see you all back here bleary and dragging bright eyed and bushy tailed in 2012!

Happy New Year, bloggy peeps!

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