Bravo, Navy Seals!

Ding dong the witch is dead everyone! Much like the Wicked Witch was melted by the bucket of water Dorothy tossed her way, Osama Bin-Laden was slipped into the cold dark ocean, where hopefully he is swimming with the sharks.

It was in the back on my mind that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was coming up this fall. I remember the day well; I was on Cape Cod with my parents, my Mom and I getting ready to head out for a little adventure. The first plane had hit and everyone thought it was some kind of freak accident. Not long afterward, the second plane hit and we knew for sure it was no coincidence; America was indeed under attack. In between the planes hitting the World Trade Center we could hear the fighter jets roaring overhead from the nearby Air Force base; they were making a vain attempt to intercept those flights from Boston and prevent what was about to unfold.

That day and subsequent days seemed so surreal; so many local people tragically lost. The flight attendant from the next town over left a young family behind, there was the old time Bruins hockey player on a scouting trip. Buyers from T.J. Maxx were together on a business trip, and the pilot of the plane was also a well-liked organic farmer just a few towns north of here.

The following day was September 12th and our 14th wedding anniversary. We decided to head into town and have a
quiet dinner and find some sliver of hope amid everything that had happened. I remember taking the train in; we sat amongst a crowd that was mournful and silent. Not a cell phone went off, not a smile was seen on anyone’s face, it was the saddest ride I had ever taken. We met some folks in a bar, and although they were complete strangers, we all hugged and they wished us a happy anniversary. We all needed a reason to smile and look past the horror of it all.

Each and every year since then I have been mindful of that day, never forgetting the people that perished and the troops overseas that have fought to track down the face of evil. Yesterday the devil met his fate, and as we look toward this September 11th, I hope we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Here’s to you, Navy Seals. Damn good work.

8 thoughts on “Bravo, Navy Seals!

  1. Anniversaries, birthdays, vacations…. he interrupted them all. Now his presence is removed from the planet and that is cause for celebration of the power and might that is the USofA (hence mangled Star Spangled Banners). I’m focusing on the wonderful work our boys (no girls, according to reports) did and trying to avoid gloating over the death of another (albeit evil) human being.

    It’s a tough road to walk…

  2. I say give three cheers for our President for making the decision to go ahead with this mission. Leadership!
    Good Post Meg. None of us will ever forget that day and the pain it brought to this nation.

  3. Such world changing news! I must admit, I perked up at Zadge’s comment about Bin Laden getting shot in the left eye. For some reason, details other than the fact that he was washed out to see are fascinating.

  4. You and I are like one. This morning I awakened to the sound of key strokes and the Little Woman was at my computer and says, “They got Bin Laden. He’s dead.”

    The very first thing I do at the news was I started singing, “Ding, dong, the wicked witch, the wicked witch, the wicked witch, ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead.”

  5. I remember that day so vividly with you and Dad and then later at lunch where everyone just sat and watched the TV as we tried to eat and maintain some semblence of normalcy. Of course, nothing was normal nor were we. At long last justice for all who perished on that day.

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