Oscar Recap with a Twist

Meg thinks she’ll skip usual Oscar fashion recap. Almost everyone she saw looked good, and that wouldn’t give her much fodder. She did love how Melissa Leo dropped the f-bomb – and please, get over yourself Academy and ABC, it’s so refreshing when someone doesn’t pull a script from their cleavage to read off a mind numbing list of names.

Let’s do something a little more fun this morning, and imagine the Oscars as if members of the Family Circus had starred in the movies:

Wouldn’t Dolly make a kickass Natalie Portman? I’m pretty sure Dolly is the only real or fake character to ever achieve the perfect slicked back ballerina hair-do . The ultimate Black Swan.

Granted, Billy does not have a Mark Wahlberg physique, but he can stand up to the rest of his wimpy family. He’s a Fighter. He could take that dad with the Mr. Magoo glasses with one hand behind his back.

Billy has no qualms about asking what is rightfully his. Even if the King in The King’s Speech is all busy, well, with the Kinging thing.

Could our Billy be somewhat sinister? He could be if he’s trying keep Facebook for himself and not share with those twins that look like they are from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

And by the way, Meg does think that Billy from the Family Circus would have been WAY FUNNIER than James Franco, and much less squinty eyed. For God’s sake next year, get a comedian. Even if it’s a cartoon one.

9 thoughts on “Oscar Recap with a Twist

  1. Even the projected Bob Hope was able to command the room much much more effectively so I don’t see how a hologram of a cartoon character couldn’t have done better!

  2. Nance, you are too kind. I have some perverse need to make the Family Circus be a little
    twisted – I’m glad you get my humor!

  3. Well, dang! Not much love for the Oscars here at ML, either. Most of the tweets pan it. Lots of bad press elsewhere. And, then, there’s us Mature Landscapers.

    So, here’s how desperate we are at my house for entertainment: we’ve not watched the Oscars in years (well, except for a glimpse from time to time to check up on a favorite movie’s outcome), and we watched the whole thing start to finish last night. With the commercials because we’re not cool enough to have one of those things that blips past them.

    And we thought they were great fun, very creative, highly polished as compared with other years. Only fail? James Franco, who had to be stoned out of his gourd. Or wholly psyched down by being both host and nominee. Or just…dare we say it?…an asshole. He wouldn’t be the first actor of highly sympathetic roles to be an asshole in real life. Let’s see…there’s Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, …who else?

    Meanwhile, you have proved once again with this post that there is true creative genius propelling Member’s Lounge. Bank on it.

  4. Did Franco seem like he took a little too much benadryl before the show. I wanted to shake him and wake him up! Speaking of meds…Anne needed a little Adderal. And Natalie Portman is suffering from the dreaded Pregnancy Hormone Airhead.

    Why yes, I am feeling a little catty today. Meow.

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