When Gods and Goddesses Go 21st Century

I love reading the paper on the weekend. It contains the most interesting tidbits and morsels of insignificant information, which in my mind is the best kind. Half the newsroom has already written their stuff for the weekend and packed it in, so they go all wire service gather anything they can get and stuff into a corner of the paper.

For example, I read that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi ordered several statues in his offices to be “restored”. And by restored, it appears he had a hand manufactured for Venus, the Goddess of Love, and had a penis built for Mars, the God of War. And lucky for these statues, the new parts came magnetized so the body part can be placed in the right spot and voila, anatomically correct! I guess that makes for easy removal too, although I’m trying to picture the janitor walking around with a marble penis stating he’s just going to give it a good scrub.

Seriously, what is the 21st century coming to when we have to make priceless works of art look visually correct? And imagine if Mars and Venus were actually in the 21st century and their plight was playing out in the social networks:

All I can say, is move over Bacchus, I’m joining you for a beverage.

6 thoughts on “When Gods and Goddesses Go 21st Century

  1. Nance, I have to confess I saw a set of Facebook entries by the “founding fathers”
    of our country and howled when I read them. Why not do the gods, right? Glad you
    got a laugh!

  2. This is absolutely classic Member’s Lounge stuff! ‘Course, I’m always behind on the viral graphics, so this Facebook trick is brand new to me; I have no idea if you invented it or are just the first I’ve seen to make such clever use of it…either way, I cracked up. Here’s to you, Meg, Goddess of the Blogosphere! See you at the Coliseum, babe.
    .-= Nance´s last blog ..Drumroll- Please =-.

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