The People of Target

I”m feeling a little Cupcake Murphy this morning.

Dear lady who could be my mothers age,

Did you forget you were supposed to shop at Walmart today with their people? As I saw you lumbering into the checkout lane one aisle over, I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off of you! Lord knows, all of your clothes were properly pulled up and buttoned up, and I was eternally grateful to see no plumbers crack, spaghetti strap camisole, or diamond nose stud.

But my mouth was agape at the Raggedy Ann tattoo on your bicep. She was a rather sturdy doll. Her hair was bright red and her eyes eerily large. And to boot, she was riding a swing surrounded by cheerful ivy and flowers.

And I wondered, would it be possible for you, Lady of Target to flex that bicep and make the Raggedy Ann swing for real, just like sailors used to do with hula girls?

Alas, I fear it will remain a mystery, but the tattoo will be forever seared into my brain.


Blinded by the light in Target

Thank you, Cupcake, for letting me steal your brilliant letter writing expertise for today’s blog.

14 thoughts on “The People of Target

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  2. Did you whip out your camera phone and take a picture of that tattoo?! If only i had the courage to take pictures of random things/people I see, I would never have to struggle to find blog fodder… Alas. Whenever I’m at walmart, I wish I had the courage to click, click, click… I am always worried about getting beaten by a tire iron so I refrain…
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..Sarah Connor I ain’t Ay- there’s the rub =-.

  3. My daughter and I share phone calls when we’re in Wally-World just to keep track of who has the worst dressed patrons. Here in Tucson, tattoos are de rigeur, it seems. I just don’t understand it…. didn’t their parents buy them enough coloring paper when they were young? The skin as a coloring book…. UGH
    .-= Ashleigh Burroughs´s last blog ..Robert B Parker- RIP =-.

  4. I will shout it from the rooftops. I am in love with Cupcake Murphy! I adore her and her brilliant writing skills! (I guess I was wrong, I haven’t used up my exclamation quotas for the day.)

    Have you read her poetry. I bought her book on Amazon and her poems take my breath away. They are that which I could only hope to be.

    And I love Raggedy Ann. I think if I were to ever get a tattoo, I might think about that one. Or Felix the Cat. I’ve just never been able to get Felix the Cat out of my head, even though he’s kind of creepy looking.
    .-= joann mannix´s last blog ..When My Girls Danced =-.

  5. Yup – I can see we’re all on the same page here – I do not like tattoo’s on woman at all! I don’t really care about them on men all that much either. While I have many friends who have them, I prefer to keep my skin a’la natural!

    I saw many tattoo’s yesterday while spending 10 fricking hours in the Atlanta airport – more on that later from Ain’t Miss Beehaven!

  6. I saw a kid with a Yasser Arafat scarf tattooed on his neck yesterday, so I have now seen it all.

    In a way, I admire the tattooed because even denial is beautiful when it goes from the trendy to the ridiculous to the sublime. I know what my skin is doing at 62, so folks of all ages who get those really big tattoos must believe one of the following: 1) Their skin will magically avoid the eventual loss of collagen experienced by the rest of the world. 2) They will die young and beautiful. 3) They are young and beautiful right this minute. 4) The rest of us are dying to know what they think is cool. 5) They will still think that their Raggedy Ann tat or Arafat wrap or __________ is cool 25 years from now when it’s moved to it’s new, more southerly location.

    Speaking of cool and beautiful, I’m presenting you with kudos and accolades! Come on by and pick up your BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD, please.
    .-= Nance´s last blog ..Free Range Friday- To Vuja Dey And Back =-.

  7. Yurk…the mental picture made me snork coffee across my keyboard. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

    Personally, I wouldn’t EVER want a tattoo. NEVER EVER!
    .-= Lisa S.´s last blog ..July Surprise =-.

  8. There are no shortages of tattoos here in Austin. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to get one, if we want to stay here. Anyway, I find myself staring at them, fascinated. They’re so big and colorful and didn’t it hurt like hell? It’s also interesting what people will put permanently on their bodies.
    .-= Dawn in Austin´s last blog ..Home again- jiggity-jig… =-.

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