The People of Target

by meg on July 12, 2010

I”m feeling a little Cupcake Murphy this morning.

Dear lady who could be my mothers age,

Did you forget you were supposed to shop at Walmart today with their people? As I saw you lumbering into the checkout lane one aisle over, I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off of you! Lord knows, all of your clothes were properly pulled up and buttoned up, and I was eternally grateful to see no plumbers crack, spaghetti strap camisole, or diamond nose stud.

But my mouth was agape at the Raggedy Ann tattoo on your bicep. She was a rather sturdy doll. Her hair was bright red and her eyes eerily large. And to boot, she was riding a swing surrounded by cheerful ivy and flowers.

And I wondered, would it be possible for you, Lady of Target to flex that bicep and make the Raggedy Ann swing for real, just like sailors used to do with hula girls?

Alas, I fear it will remain a mystery, but the tattoo will be forever seared into my brain.


Blinded by the light in Target

Thank you, Cupcake, for letting me steal your brilliant letter writing expertise for today’s blog.

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