Being Thankful

The grill is ready and the drinks chilling, but I’m also reflecting on other things, too.

Little Matt riding high on his tree swing. Is seven the most carefree age ever?

Planting in the garden:

Soldiers who fought for their country. Here’s my Dad when he was in the service. He now rests at the National Cemetery on Cape Cod.

I hope everyone takes a minute today to think about all the brave people in the armed services, and how they honor us by serving our country.

I Can’t Help Myself Friday. Opening Ceremonies for Summer.

Memorial Day kicks off the the start of barbecue season, perfect tanning conditions and plenty o’ tropical drinks. Shall we take a spin around the patio and see what’s going on this Friday?

Could slightly indirect heat really be the best way to cook a hot dog?

Looking for the perfect outfit for outfit to wear to that outdoor bash? Look no further:

Acutally, the editors of the blog whowhatwear should have more aptly titled their editors’ picks, WHO WOULD WEAR THIS? WHAT THE F***? Don’t most people wear shorts with an expandable waist and sensible sandals for impromptu dancing on top of the picnic table?

Ever think about starting your ultimate summer vacation traveling the wide open roads in your Winnebago? This should give you second thoughts:

Clearly, you should never start ANY summer weekend in a Class C motor home.

And with that, I suggest we all repair to our decks, patios, porches and balconies for a refreshing cocktail or four.

Enjoy the three day respite!

Outsmarting Your Mind

I saw this article entitled “use heuristics to shed unwanted pounds”. Oh hello, you had me at lose pounds and how?

I first started by looking up heuristics, because I wasn’t exactly sure what we were talking about here. It sounded kind of Zen and transcendental meditation, but it’s actually defined as:

heuristic a commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem.

Sounds straightforward, right?

Apparently heuristics can solve some behavioral types of problems. The “scarcity heuristic” considers the fact people place tremendous value in things that are rare. For example, if you are short on time, and really have slacked off on exercising or hitting the gym, you instead highlight that precious time, and it will cause your brain to value the task you aren’t currently loving so much.

It’s an interesting concept to think about re-wiring your brain. Could it really be as easy as putting training wheels on your frontal lobes until you are comfortable you aren’t going to fall off the bike, or go back to bad habits? Can you really trick yourself into tasks you hate?

As I ponder my very own heuristic chart, I wonder just how extensive the re-wiring will be? Will I blow a circuit?

Let’s Take a Field Trip!

What so you do on a Saturday when your lawn looks like a field and flowers need to be planted?

Correct. You take a field trip!

This weekend my good friend Anne and I, along with hubby took a little field trip to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. We saw the exhibit From Homer to Hopper: American Watercolor Masterworks

I love museums. There is something about the cool, quiet halls and galleries that is wonderfully peaceful and relaxing. Everyone uses their hushed indoor voices. Incredibly, not a single cell phone goes off. No one is texting on their Blackberry. There is an aura of enjoyment and amazement at the talent of these artists.

As expected, I could not take photos of the actual exhibition, but the other parts of the museum were available to photograph and were fun to see, too.

I never used to think I liked modern art until I went to the MOMA in New York. I like wondering what the inspiration for a particular piece was. What was he thinking?

Now this simply makes me dizzy:

We all stood there spinning as we gazed at this painting. How on earth does the artist not get vertigo and pass out while painting this? Still, the preciseness of the lines are amazing.

How did this sculptor capture my exact likeness after a hard day around the house?

Finally, one of the most handsome patriots of all time, and the man who graces the $10 bill:

How come we can’t get Treasury Secretaries like Alexander Hamilton anymore?

We capped off our visit with a delicious lunch and couple of glasses of crisp chardonnay before heading back and plopping ourselves down to gaze at our lawn. And I think, this lawn can wait another day, I’m still having a cultural experience sipping on my sangria.

The No Book Tour Recap

After 12,000 miles, I AM BOSSY drove Harrison Ford into Harvard Square and met up with her Boston area council, the last stop on her NO BOOK TOUR!

BOSSY is very much like her blog. Funny, smart and very pretty, she puts everyone at ease. She pulls a crowd together and everyone bonds like they’ve known each other forever. Blogger magic. And rest assured, it is a thing of beauty to watch her do her patented one handed camera reach and snap a photo of twenty people. The Cirque du Soleil should consider an act that pays homage to that ability!

Also in the house was the urbane and witty Daddy Scratches, and his lovely wife, Wonder Woman:

Here was the intrepid Erin, who filmed our evening and gave us a turn at the mike:

I also met and chatted with MidLife Mama, Mommy Bytes, Just Another Manic Mommy, Child Wild, Chicky Chicky Baby, and a host of other fun council members!

At the end of the evening, as the crowd dwindled, the magical and mathematical BOSSY counted all the ducats:

The math came out perfectly, as did the evening. Thanks for visiting, BOSSY!