Meg Welcomes Guest Blogger Bridget

While Meg is off Trick-or-Treating, Bridget fills in.

Hi – I’m Bridget – little sister to Meg – known to many in the family as Bee! I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger for the day at Designs By Meg! I just traveled to Bar Harbor Maine with my family and am going to tell you about our travels!

First a little background information. Meg likes to refer to us as “Swiss Family Explosion”! We have 2 children – Patrick and Matthew. Patrick is 15 and Matthew is almost 7! People always feel the need to ask us why our kids are so far apart in age, they will boldly ask “Oh was Matt a mistake?” NO Matt was not a mistake nosy people who hardly know me! Not that it’s anyone’s business but getting pregnant the 2nd time around was a bit of a challenge! Now that this is out of the way let’s carry on!

We have a Yellow Lab named Carson – he’s a bunch of fun – but he’s also a lot of work – Carson did not travel to Bar Harbor with us! He had the BEST dog sitter in the world come and stay with him – Marie. Marie is the best dog sitter, laundry person, cleaner one could possibly know – when you ask Marie to come and dog sit Marie not only dog sits – she will clean your entire house – leave you goodies for your arrival home and let you call an ambulance for her when you arrive home! Thankfully Marie is AOK, a bit dehydrated, but AOK! Thank God because Marie loves Carson and takes great care of him! Here is Carson sitting on Matt on a prior trip to visit my Mom! He gets a little nervous in the car and really needs to be isolated or he sits on the kids!


Off to Bar Harbor August 22, 2009 – It’s Pat’s birthday – he’s 15 – no need to say much more – he’s 15! We arrived in Camp early Saturday afternoon – beautiful so far! We got the site set up with little to no fanfare – I am already thinking about the room we booked at the Bar Harbor Regency later in the week! We had a nice birthday dinner of chicken and rice at our Campground in Pat’s honor! But a couple of nights later we ate out at a nice restaurant and had lobster, halibut, salmon and shrimp! A feast fit for a Prince – because I’m the King and Queen in my house! Just kidding Joe!

Here we are all set up! Before the rains! The days were beautiful but we camped in the rain – and I MEAN RAIN for 3 nights. Needless to say we’re all still alive!



Nothing like a nice dinner in the chilly rain!

On the second day we managed to get ourselves dry and head out to Acadia National Park – Joe decided to stop and ask a native about fishing – FISHING is a way of LIFE for Joe – however I have been instructed to kill him if he decides to pack fishing poles again for a vacation – and I will have no problem doing that if need be! Nice Man tells us we should make sure to go to Thunder Hole today because it will be spectacular – Yes indeed it was spectacular – not only spectacular – downright scary – I watched helplessly as a large group of folks almost got washed out to sea by a rogue wave! 5 minutes after we left, my feeling that something bad was about to happen – did.


10 or so people were hit by another rogue wave and washed out – one little girl didn’t make it – several were rescued and many more hurt……… was very scary and sad…..the ocean is a force that cannot be predicted I don’t understand why folks don’t get that? The other thing I didn’t there that day warning folks to stay off the rocks! THAT IS NOT TRUE! I walked up and down the Thunder Hole road ½ mile in each direction and saw not 1 Park ranger! I guess they wanted the media to think they had a clue – but they did not! It was an accident and again don’t mess with the ocean!

To be continued…………

Meg Welcomes Guest Blogger Bridget for Part II

…..and the vacation story continues!


The boys climbed a few hikes over the next few days while I sat at the pool catching some sun and drinking a Corona – life is good! I watched this boat the “Motor Yacht Laurel” that had recently placed an order with my company frolic around in Frenchmans Bay – rumor is that Mel Gibson once owned it – now some rich man from Philly does! Must be nice!


We went on a Whale watch while in Bar Harbor – we were part of the 2 percent that didn’t see a whale but guess what? They gave us free vouchers to go do it again! Oh Joy! The whole boat smelled rather ripe as many people were seasick on the way back in – but we did see the most spectacular sunset over Cadillac Mountain that I have ever seen! It was worth the rough seas and some sea sickness to see this! Beautiful sunset!



We moved on after 5 days to The Sebasco Harbor Resort – where I thought my children should have a real “down east” experience, we stayed in this cool Lodge. The best thing was that the resort had a really NICE spa which I promptly booked myself into shortly after we arrived! Not enough estrogen in this group for me! I was really in need of some me time by 10:00AM Friday. Thank you Falyn for a very nice facial and massage! Maine – the way life should be!

One last stop – Joe was in need of a shopping experience (?) so we stopped at LL Bean in Freeport for a little look! While the boys hit the camping and hunting building (this should explain the need for shopping) I ran down to Main St for a little last minute school clothing shopping for Matt! Mission accomplished!

Oh – look who started 1st grade a few days after we got home! Matty Boy!


And that friends of Meg, is the Swiss Family explosion readers digest condensed version of our vacation!

Next year there will be NO camping involved – I’m too old and I’m all about comfort at my age! If the boys want to camp again – I will gladly stay in any full service hotel near by! Or maybe another vacation to Deja Blue?

Salon Smackdown

So, I’m getting ready to head out on vacation, and I get my hair trimmed last week, thinking it will be perfect timing and my hair will be manageable and easy to take care of.



It might not be apparent from this charming photo, but my bangs are two different lengths. So I seemingly have two sets of bangs, one overlaying the other. Well not really, because one set is sticking up over the other and the other wants to plaster itself to my head, making me feel like an honorary Our Gang member.

WTF, trusted hair salon? I didn’t ask for the Audrey Hepburn look, I wanted you to trim them, not hack them into a trendy fringe that some might like to tinker with?

As I peruse the web, here are my options:

Scarves and headbands are great for pulling back short bangs!

Having really short bangs is a great excuse to try wearing hats. Simple bucket hats look great with many mid or long length styles.

Pull short bangs off to the side and secure them with bobby pins or small decorative hair clips.

Well, I guess I will do my best to camouflage this ugly situation until they grow out. I’m not thinking bobby pins or a bucket hat are going to happen. And in a couple of weeks, it’s time for a salon smackdown. Because the web doesn’t lie when it says:

Most women are (very very very) unhappy with very short bangs.
No kidding.

Bishops, Heal Thyself

I was reading an article the other day about how hospitals are employing modern and innovative techniques to advance healing and help patients with pain issues.

And I’m thinking, that is great. I’ve seen dogs used to brighten a patients spirits in a rehab facility. I’ve seen professional musicians dedicate their time to the ill by playing soothing music. Massage therapists have used their healing touch to ease the burden of a painful disease. Even Reiki is being used to heal the sick.

Or is it?

The U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops recently announced that Reiki would no longer be practiced in their network of hospitals. Because, the wise and holy bishops said, Reiki is not grounded in science or Christianity. I’ll repeat that:


And to paraphrase the bishops, they banned Reiki treatment from their network of hospitals, because Catholics would be “operating in the realm of superstition if they had any belief in Reiki.” And moreover, Reiki is a “superstition that corrupts one’s worship of God … by turning their religion and practice in a false direction”.


Hmm, let us explore some folklore and myths of the church shall we?

Talk in tongues anyone?
Pilgrimage to Lourdes? Any takers?
Exorcism? Paging Linda Blair!
Condensation in windows that looks like Jesus? Let me fund that new shrine!
Loaf of bread channeling the Virgin Mary? Get your bids in on EBAY!


You know, I had Reiki for a pinched nerve and it helped. In no way did I think I was taking a new spiritual journey. I didn’t feel compromised that I was taking on a weird form of philosophy. I just wanted the flipping pain to go away. And it did.

I also think a well directed prayer can be beneficial and get a lot off your chest, but you know bishops, you are just full of communion wafers and sacramental wine if you think Reiki is a threat to your church.

Flashback Oprah

Oprah did a theme show yesterday based on the 60’s, with a dash of Mad Men thrown in for good measure. (Note to Jon Hamm: Where are you filming in Boston so I can go squeal on the film set somewhere?)


Here’s the item that made my heart leap:


I think you could morph peppers and onions if I remember correctly, and make a whole garden stand of characters. You have to check out the original Mr. Potato head commercial! The real potatoes are creepy.

What kitchen would be complete without an autumnal color palette? As I look back, everyone’s house looked like a Thanksgiving diorama all year long. All that was missing were the pilgrims.


And lastly, what teenage face would be complete without a tube of this?


Thanks for the memories Oprah! Or should I thank you for the furrowed brow because I feel old now?


Here’s a interesting, and possibly touchy subject:

Who reads your blog, and do you selectively filter who you tell about it?

In fact, I do filter who I tell about it. I have certain groups of people I socialize with that would never know I even write this. Part of that it because I think they wouldn’t get it, and hey, that’s fine. It’s my little place in the sun. I also enjoy the fact that tons of anonymous people read it, and seem to get a kick out of it. So it’s all good. Sometimes the beauty of writing is touching people you don’t know, who might just laugh or cry about what you have to say that day.

So, this past weekend, I expressed an opinion to a household member that my preference would be that my blog not be shared with some set of family members. And not because there really isn’t anything they couldn’t read, but I just didn’t feel warm and fuzzy about it. Because if people never sent you an email in 20 years, why on God’s Green Earth would they want to check in on your blog and daily business?

Well, let’s just say that statement was not a hit. And now someone had told me never to mention my blog again, and that they were not interested in what has become of a big part my persona.

So, I’m left to ponder the filters. And honestly, I don’t regret saying I’d like a little say over who just wants to check up on me, or who is genuinely interested in what I have to say.

Someone, however, will miss out on who I really am, won’t they?

Comments are most welcome.