A Summer Respite

I just got back from a few days in Cuba. Oh wait, I mean the Cape. The weather guy just said is FEELS like Cuba.

Well good news. There was at least one day of beach time:


From my perch, I observed this loser letting his wife struggle down the beach with the chairs.  They were locked in battle with her legs as she attempted to find a spot in the sun.  Maam, hang on to that gem, they don’t make them like that anymore.

Later that day, we dined at a quaint marina and tried in vain to experience a sunset.


Day 2 brings us clouds, but never fear, there is much exploration to be done.

We zipped down to Woods Hole to see if we might have a celebrity sighting at the film festival.


It was probably much too early to see anyone out and about, but I did manage to score a fine fashion accessory at a cute boutique:


This belt had all the requisites:  SALE AND STRETCH. And possibly this will result in some sort of silhouette for my figure.

Onward to lunch:


Meg and her Mom both looked like Green Day rockers after strolling around all morning. Spiked hair and some eye pencil gone awry is a hallmark of this summer. So our stunt heads are in this photo, but suffice it to say the real heads had some fine food and drink by the water.

All in all, a fine few days after the monsoons of summer.

Are you Listening Food Network???

Although I appreciate the talents of Food Network chefs Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, and Bobby Flay (or as some in this house would call him, BOBBY FILET), I really think it’s time for a new man in our lives.

So, I’ve been totally engrossed in tracking the Next Food Network Star. It’s been an exciting season, with lots of talented people. Jamika had some good moments. Debbie did some interesting takes on Korean barbecue dishes, but she also threw a few people under the bus.

But HELLO Food Network, how could you not give this man his own show?


Ladies, I give you Jeffrey Saad. He is the best thing next to Ina Garten’s good friend TR, who often appears as a guest/eye candy on the Barefoot Contessa. (And really doesn’t appear in enough episodes for my taste…. can we send him fishing again?)


Jeffrey has me hooked every week on whatever he is cooking. He could scramble an egg and I’d watch. Shall we cue the music to Yentl…??? Food Network, can you hear me? Do you not see Jeffrey’s line of pots and pans flying off the store shelves? Never mind Farberware, lets use Saadware.

I’ll even help you brand his new line of fusion cooking sauces, which you should call “Without Borders Barbecue and Basting Sauces”, which will tie in nicely with his food blog, which will have thousands of subscribers, and make his new show wildly popular and a ratings success for your network.

Food Network, my job is done. Now it’s up to you.

That’s the Week That Was….

That sounds a little Cronkitesque, but this week called for DRAMA, and there has been NONE.

NONE, meaning the crisp rainy days of July are still upon us, and our yard is now a mosquito pit, the flowers and garden need a Navy Seal rescue mission to keep them from drowning, and yes, the lawn is waving gently in the wind. Just so you know, lawns shouldn’t be waving, because that means you are looking at a FIELD.

Well since we can’t spend time in the sun and garden, how exactly does Meg be a productive and contributing member of society? How can she channel her energies into the positive thoughts and actions?

  1. Well, don’t think of all the people having fun at BlogHer. That’s not helpful. Think NEXT year on that one.
  2. Don’t think of the beach either, unless you enjoy having a sand exfoliating facial. Think NEXT week will be humid and sunny, and you will actually be going to the beach. For real!
  3. Don’t think setting up your sump pump this morning at 7am is a pain, just think how toasty dry it will keep your basement!

So, here’s some stuff I did this week that proved therapeutic: quiche

Baking something usually helps. A good quiche will never let you down, plus you know you have cleared the contents of your cheese and vegetable drawers.


Never mind the drowning herbs, turn them into vinegar instead.  If you ever happen upon the out of print book Fancy Pantry, Helen Witty will tell you how to make a dozen great vinegars and pickled foods.

Speaking of pickled, I made these too: pickled_onions

The Smitten Kitchen has a 10-minute recipe for Pickled Onions you will love!

Remember, nothing says July like some freshly baked goods. Happy cooking, middle of summer!

One more thing. I really want to do this:


The Sounds of Summer

We’ve had quite a rainy spell here in the Northeast. Most of June was a washout, but finally July started to bring some hope. With the advent of good weather, it appears the noise level has gone up in the neighborhood.

Some noises are soothing. I actually like the hum of a distant lawnmower. The gentle laughter coming from a family barbecue. (and even better, the smell!) The squeals of kids riding razor scooters down the street.

But you know there are always one or two exceptions to the generally peaceful ambiance that pervades this section of town. I give you my take on noise quality:


Yesterday, while in Boston having a nice afternoon lunch, I did a little test on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.


There were TONS of kids at this public fountain having a blast. The collective sum of them made less noise than the child called Ariel. I rest my case.

Welcome to summer, Bose Noise canceling headphones.


Power up those Lashes and a Magic Bullet too!

Did you know several companies now make a vibrating mascara? How did I miss this beauty innovation, and more importantly, will my eyes become aroused when I apply it?


I just happened to see one of these spinning mascaras on TV, and thought where the heck have I been???  Then I went to Google and searched for this newfangled product and found this article.

15 Hottest Products of 2008: Vibrating Mascaras

Not only had I never heard of this, but apparently I am a year behind the times. Well, just great. Let’s just see what I might really look like with a generous application of vibrating mascara:


Leo thinks “Meg, you’ve never looked lovelier with those amazing lashes.”  Or not.

I think I’ll stick with Dior and trying to keep the simple wand out of my eye and off my contact lenses.

Next up, The Magic Bullet. I don’t have one, never even thought about purchasing one, but at least once a week when I play Insomnia Jeopardy, I find the siren call of this infomercial beckoning me to watch it.  And I get sucked in every time.  It’s evident searching the web and You Tube that this 30 minutes of compelling TV has been sliced, diced and analyzed like a julienne fry.

I guess I’m not the only one that feels the need to write about it. Is it when Mick says “Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt? Is it Mimi’s 6 second chicken salad?

No, I’m afraid I’ve been sucked in by this character:


I give you Hazel, the chain smoking charmer.

Where do I begin? It is when she comes in and says  “did I hear muffins”? And that muffin batter is blue, because the blueberries have had the bejesus pureed out of them. (way to go on that, Mimi)  But still, they appeal to our Hazel. Although with her smoking habits, it’s a wonder she has any taste buds left. She looks like she might enjoy a vodka and soda with dash of ash to top it off.

What really fascinates me most about Hazel is that housecoat. Who in this millenium walks around in a housecoat? I have some vague memories of grocery shopping with my mother back in the day, and I recall elderly ladies plodding through the store in housecoats (and pink curlers with a snappy chiffon scarf covering them).

But where we would get a housecoat in this day and age? It’s 2009. Surely the producers prowled the vintage stores trying to outfit Hazel??



Yes, indeed, there is a website dedicated to some spiffy housecoats.   As a bonus ladies, they sell the pocket shawl and the terry turban, too.  You people should smarten up and get Hazel as your spokesperson!

Order your loot NOW before it’s too late! Quantities are limited. Or not.

Voyeur Blogger Nation?

So, an article in the Boston Globe catches my eye. It’s entitled “The Voyeur Generation“.

It’s goes on to tell the tale of a young columnist for the Style section, who is annoyed that some girls are taking photos at his local breakfast joint. While he is TRYING to eat his waffles. Apparently, the twenty-somethings are taking photos to post on Facebook, for the benefit of a recently relocated friend. I actually thought that was kind of sweet.

Here was the line that struck me: “….a perfect storm of digital photography and social networking sites has turned us into photo exhibitionists, a nation of voyeurs…”

And I think, hmmm, I carry a camera around all the time to document things I think are cool. To post to my blog. For tens of people to read.

Do I do it to be a exhibitionist? I don’t really think so.


Here’s a thumbnail of of favorite jammies. I posted this sometime in May, when I thought they would be long packed away. Alas, they are still floating around, for those brisk fall days we routinely experience in July. Who in the Northeast can’t relate to this??  TMI? No.


Here is a photo of my colonscopy preparation.  TMI? Well, maybe, but I think enough of us are going through them that reader’s can relate. And maybe it will make someone think about getting one.


Here is a wall of mustards at Whole Foods. I was writing about the President putting mustard on his burger. TMI? It’s my civic duty to point out how MUCH GOOD mustard can be be bought. It’s the best condiment ever.

On another note, I posted a tribute to my Dad on Father’s Day. It brought me the most touching emails and I hope it brought a smile to all the people that knew him. TMI? Not on your life.

Do I read other people’s blog to be a voyeur? Not really, I because I think my favorite blogs are the ones where people seem to have the same sensibilities and sense of humor that I think I have.  They are places I go to have a laugh and occasionally share my thoughts and opinions. They are places that generally brighten my day.

There is BOSSY, blogger extrordinaire. Where else could we learn the most intriguing things in TEN WORD TUESDAY – THE HISTORY EDITION.  Really, it’s the best. Voyeurs? No, we are all BFF’s at her Poverty Party.

There is AMAZING TRIPS, a talented writer who is the mother of triplets, and a little bonus surprise named Henry. She raises money for cancer, and was a childhood neighbor of mine.  Voyeur? No, because I get to keep up with her amazing mother and siblings, just like I never left the hood.

There is Pioneer Woman. I have to admit, she makes me a little jealous, as I don’t think she sleeps, which gives her a leg up on the rest of us.  I actually use a ton of the Photoshop Actions she has posted, and it saved me from having to tweak dozens of photos I took at a boring golf tournament. Plus her Asian Noodle Salad is really, really good.

So, in conclusion, do I really post to be a bag of chips and all that? I hope not, as I enjoy my blog outlet and hope a few people are entertained. And I think the rest of my kindred spirits write their blogs for the same reason.

OK, one last thing. I posted some photos of my recent New York trip in June to Flickr.  This guy added me as a contact.


OK, what can I say? That was a kick!