Tales of Boston’s Colonial Past – Paul Revere vs Jack Black…..

I was perusing the Boston Globe the other day and read an interesting article about how the International Youth Hostel is introducing it’s guests to the joys of museum going in Boston.  It seems lots of young folks from around the world are enjoying guided tours of the Gardner Museum as well as the Museum of Fine Arts.  One portrait in particular sparked the interest of a young tourist from Japan.

While viewing John Singleton Copley’s painting of the famous Colonial Patriot Paul Revere, the guide regaled our visitor of the famous ride to Concord and Lexington, and his renown as a master silversmith.

But what interested our tourist the most, was his remarkable resemblance to Jack Black.

This got me to thinking, what other figures in our historic past look like one of our stars of today?

Let take a look at our next set of look alikes, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Colin Firth:

nathaniel_hawthorne2 colin_firth

OK, now I am having fun! Who knew a trip back in history could be so rewarding?

And our final candidates, Samuel Adams and his modern day persona:

old_sam young_sam

I wonder if young Sam ever hoisted a pewter tankard looking this good? I guess stern Sam wouldn’t have made a very promising graphic for a handcrafted beer.

So, let it not be said there is no fun to be had in brushing up on your history. It can remind you to read a good book, watch a great movie, and even drink a really fine beverage.

5 thoughts on “Tales of Boston’s Colonial Past – Paul Revere vs Jack Black…..

  1. Well, shoot. Now you’ve got me thinking of hot younger men again! Shameful, at my age.

    But Colin Firth. Darcy. Good lord, how could I not be a bit in love with him? You know?

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  3. Bossy, I’m thrilled you came to the “Lounge”! Why is it that the cutest guys are chiseled in granite, cast in bronze, or rendered in ink????

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