Monday Night’s Trilogy of Terror…..

Back in the day, ABC used to have a cool movie of the week.  It was usually top notch entertainment, and on some weeks, it was guaranteed to make a gaggle of junior high girls scream their brains out. I refer to the classic Trilogy of Terror, where Karen Black slams a Zuni fetish doll into her oven and eventually, she turns into one.

(Trust me on this, you have to see it.)

This past Monday, as an allergy ridden Meg cruised the channels in hopes of finding such classic entertainment, she found these fine shows on the network schedule:


Or as I refer to them, Two and a Half Misogynists. Is Charlie Sheen sneaking a dumb blonde into his bedroom for the 92nd time a laugh riot? Maybe I am confusing this with his tabloid life with Denise Richards???

ABC is bringing us a new Bob Saget show. Why, is all I ask? Did we not suffer enough with Full House?


And lastly, we have David Spade in the Rules of Engagement:


My total viewing time of all three shows – 6 minutes.

Thank you networks for bringing me the Monday Night Trilogy of Terror, circa 2009. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m scared out of my mind, and I need to cuddle with a certain Zuni fetish to make the pain go away.

Things a Husband Needs to tell his Wife!

Dear Leo,

Next time you see Ben Affleck and Kevin Costner filming next to your office downtown, you really need to wing an email, call, or alert local town authorities.  That way your wife can hop the next train to town armed with her trusty Canon camera, and of course, a good dose her healthy noseyness curiousity.


Have we learned nothing from last winter’s lesson, when you stumbled over Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway filming the acclaimed Bride Wars?



Your Wife

Tales of Boston’s Colonial Past – Paul Revere vs Jack Black…..

I was perusing the Boston Globe the other day and read an interesting article about how the International Youth Hostel is introducing it’s guests to the joys of museum going in Boston.  It seems lots of young folks from around the world are enjoying guided tours of the Gardner Museum as well as the Museum of Fine Arts.  One portrait in particular sparked the interest of a young tourist from Japan.

While viewing John Singleton Copley’s painting of the famous Colonial Patriot Paul Revere, the guide regaled our visitor of the famous ride to Concord and Lexington, and his renown as a master silversmith.

But what interested our tourist the most, was his remarkable resemblance to Jack Black.

This got me to thinking, what other figures in our historic past look like one of our stars of today?

Let take a look at our next set of look alikes, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Colin Firth:

nathaniel_hawthorne2 colin_firth

OK, now I am having fun! Who knew a trip back in history could be so rewarding?

And our final candidates, Samuel Adams and his modern day persona:

old_sam young_sam

I wonder if young Sam ever hoisted a pewter tankard looking this good? I guess stern Sam wouldn’t have made a very promising graphic for a handcrafted beer.

So, let it not be said there is no fun to be had in brushing up on your history. It can remind you to read a good book, watch a great movie, and even drink a really fine beverage.

Excuse me, why didn’t anyone tell me DVR would change my life?

I decided to bundle my phone service with my internet and cable last month, to wisely economize and keep me in good stead at Bossy’s Poverty Party.

Besides saving a boatload of money over my usual Verizon bill chock full of expensive, overrated bells and whistles, the good folks at Comcast told me they’d be upgrading my cable boxes and internet connections. And for free, of course.

As the technician wrapped up, he told me to read up on the DVR features, and said I would really enjoy having this new technology.

So, I sit down with a cup of coffee and plan to spend, say the next hour figuring it out. Based on my experience programming the antiquated VCR, I assume there must be a million buttons and remotes I need to have in hand. Plus some sticky notes for cheat sheets and writing things in Megspeak.

That’s right, it took all of one minute to record the comical bleepings of Gordon Ramsay and an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. It was mighty enjoyable, too. Oh, to press a button and have a commercial free hour…… can we say bliss????

Oh yeah, if you have a box of these on hand, it makes the viewing experience even better:

Hello my new best friend, the HP Pavilion….(said with Carrie Bradshaw emphasis)

You know how Carrie Bradshaw looks at a pair of Jimmy Choo’s? Well that could be me with my new laptop (hmmmm, kinda not, but I am glad I have a new one!)

After my PC officially died this past weekend, we went into mad scramble mode to find something new, with lots of room for the Adobe CS4 as well as the 9 million other programs I use. The HP Pavilion was purchased, as it came with a fabulous graphics card already installed and tons o’ space. And it was on sale. And I really, really needed one after dealing with a failing machine for the last 6 months. Can you say reboot five times fast? Well, that was my old PC. Poof. reboot.

I have been bonding with this beauty now for several days.

Did you ever think reloading and rebuilding your computer is *almost* like moving to a new house? It’s a new adventure, but it kind of sucks too.


Note what a nice day it is outside my French doors as I: 

  • Reset email servers and accounts
  • Figure out how much email was lost
  • Restore Internet favorites and all the links to my websites and blogs
  • Reset FTP
  • Download cool add-on’s
  • Download a BOATLOAD of software

All this while I try like crazy not to get sidetracked by my favorite blogs and web sites.  An executive decision has now been made, and it says “bite me PC, you aren’t going away tonight and I will be spending lots of quality time with you over the next several weeks.

Thank you, Jesus for the Hot Springs Thermal Spa. Set at 103 degrees. Off I go.

And a special thanks to my friend Mr. Pacifico, who joined me in the tub.