Right Where I Belong

by meg on July 9, 2014

Meg has been busily preparing for vacation and can’t wait to escape the Texas heat and the Texas sized house. She realized she really needed some time away when she awoke to this sight:

That’s right, she had her Victoria’s Secret nightshirt on inside out. Even without her glasses, she examined her disheveled self in the mirror and thought, good thing I have this to look forward to:

She will be partaking of the bounties of Boston, Cape Cod, New Hampshire and Maine in a quest to eat as much seafood as she can, sit in the sun, visit friends and get her inner New England on.

In the meantime, she hopes you are all having a good summer and wearing your clothes right-side-in.


Hair Through The Ages.

by meg on June 19, 2014

This week Mama Kat asked us to post a Throwback Thursday photo and write about it. But honestly, Meg couldn’t limit it to one stingy photo when it comes to the subject of hair, or should I say the stuff on our heads and the bane of every women’s existence. (with the possible exception of of Kyle Richards).

Meg is the family archivist and photographer, and in her spare time she tries to scan, organize and keep photos together, because she hates the thought of every single photo of her family being held hostage on an android phone. While sorting through some of these photos, there soon was a common theme.

HAIR. Bad hair, good hair, blonde hair, brunette hair. Let’s take a look:

Baby hair.

Sweet one year old pixie hair. It never gets better than this people, they don’t call it baby soft for nothing.

Post college hair, circa 1981. And hey, look at that phone on the desk with all the buttons! That red button is called a HOLD button, kids.

Permed hair. Meg has posted this photo before, but it’s worth doing again, as it really does show the perils and danger of processing your hair in this manner.

Gigantic hair! Bold, blonde, big crazy hair!

I am quite certain that my hair was bigger than this baby, and Meg believes she was VERY proud of this look.

Regular let’s keep it real hair.

Thank God we aren’t expected to take a curling iron to our heads any longer.

When I see these photos, of course it brings back many memories. Mostly though, it makes me think two things:

What was I thinking? (Not sure)
Exactly how much money have I spent on my hair? (Enough to finance a luxury vacation to the Greek Islands for a month).

Sigh. Wishing I was on Mykonos right now.

The Path to Heaven

June 13, 2014

…is your local business directory. Recently Meg became aware of a local business directory from a very popular church, one that people keep asking her to join. It’s highly unlikely Meg will join this church, but she may perform a social experiment and see what all the fuss is about. In the meantime she diligently [...]

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Texas Travelogue!

June 2, 2014

Meg has been busy these past few weeks but it’s all good! No really, she has been on the road, and is planning to bore you with photos of her Texas adventures. When we last left our hero Jack, he was visiting bluebonnet country, posing for all the best future Christmas photos a girl could [...]

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Greetings and Salutations!

April 30, 2014

Or, as I like to refer to this topic, how to be as NICE or as ANAL in the briefest way possible. How you you greet your friends or colleagues in an email? Is it Hi or Good Morning? Or now that we all text, it more like: How RU? IM ROTFL LMAO. (PS. Many [...]

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And Her Journey Ends.

April 1, 2014

Meg is feeling a little down today; she got news that her aunt passed away early today. Last year she wrote about Mary, and told you a little of her story. Actually, I always called her Mare, just like Rhoda Morgenstern called Mary Richards “Mare”. It was a term of endearment, and it was the [...]

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